Oregon Standoff TVOI Indie Journalist Jailed With Other Patriots

Oregon Standoff TVOI Indie Journalist Jailed With Other Patriots

Doors broke of hinges, computers,  video equipment seized, home ransacked, mental torture continued for hours to Michaels wife while Sheriff and Michael were away. Illegal search, seizure raise questions to this heavy handed unnecessary raid.

REGENESISRADIO – Michael Emery jailed on highly questionable charges joints the ranks of many others who challenge the overbearing armed militaristic Federal law enforcement.  We all should be outraged at this type of treatment to our U.S We the People.

Michael Faces charges in Eugene, Oregon details below.

This report from Becky Hudson at TVOI News

Michael E







The Cowboy and the LadyLike Page

6 hrs ·

He is to be held in Deschutes tonight and then be taken to Lane County tomorrow in Eugene Oregon.

UPDATE 8:00 pm pst Becky Hudson
12 mins ·
FBI took my husband michael on a rouse this morning. they showed up at our 5th wheel at the john day fairgrounds rv park, with michael gone on a phone call, from the john day fairgrounds on a lie and me left at our 5th wheel alone with our dogs. 4 minutes after michael left for the office, at their request, 8 agents showed up in full tacktacle screaming” at me in my bathrobe to ”put your hands up” they took Michael’s computer, our full password list…websites, email, fb.., both our address book, michael’s phone, which they added he would not be getting back. Kicked our dogs, tore 3 doors off their hinges, destroyed our house, everything was thrown on the floor, and to top it op our flyer COMMITTEE OF CORRESPONDENSE was found on my bathroom floor CRUMPLED UP. i was handcuffed for 3 hours in the cold morning hours in my robe, after i responded to a snide and rude little punk ass fbi agent. We are TVOINEWS.COMTVOI News on fb

(the gun charges is a verbal as the sheriff site still does not reflect any of it, the info was verbal from someone at the sheriffs where he is held.)
FURTHER: Maureen Peltier Update: Ok, this just in from a reliable source that spoke with Deschutes County Sheriffs’ Office. He was charged with possession of machine gun (weapons charges) 2 specifically. However, both have all required permits for both weapons. But the feds conveniently did not check for the weapons registration & permits. So they went in there looking for weapons. And came out with all his computers, phones and other items. Rest of the details of their harrowing experience above in Becky Hudson ‘s post.

UPDATE 7:55 pm pst. we have news that last evening Mike released inside documents about a LEO in the Jack Yantis case, that the department was attempting to hide. (see article here http://tvoinews.com/the-jack-yantis-case-revisited/) The information had to do with abusive behavior, we will update further as we know and confirm.

URGENT!! IN JOHN DAY OREGON WHILE SHERIFF PALMER OUT OF TOWN!!. MIKE EMRY ARRESTED AT 5:30 AM RAID AT GUNPOINT BY FBI. His house has been cleaned out! All his computers and documents taken, believed to be held in Deschutes County!!! Did he get to close by outing Les Zeitz? What is there to hide that is so critical the FEDS would kidnap Mike Emry, private citizen and reporter for TVOI NEWS!!

(https://www.facebook.com/TheVoiceofIdaho/?fref=ts) NO WARRANTS KNOWN AT THE TIME OF ARREST! PHONES TAKEN FROM HE AND HIS WIFE BOTH. IS LES ZEITZ A PAID UNDERCOVER FBI INFORMANT? EMRY uncovered things and reported about Zeitz this week and remember last week Zeitz stormed into Sheriff Palmers office demanding to see him and was thrown out by the court bailiff after being told Sheriff Palmer was not in, Zeitz created a scene acted like as said, “like a lunatic” and had to be removed!
(link here
https://www.facebook.com/ThomRene2016/photos/a.1010199109049808.1073741828.1010159939053725/1048880668514985/?type=3&theater )

What information do they think Emry has?Mike hit a nerve and it is a big one called Zeitz!!! Seems many locals who used to respect and believe in Zeitz are now hiding in embarrassment knowing him. Becky is safe at this time but she has no way of contacting anyone. THIS IS HORRIBLE.The committee of correspondence has been doing their due diligence and getting the truth out. COULD EMRY HAVE BEEN IN POSSESSION OF THAT BACK PACK?

READ: https://www.facebook.com/notes/the-cowboy-and-the-lady/have-the-feds-been-lying-about-owning-the-land-at-the-malheur-refuge-the-people-/1048146468588405

LIVESTREAM BY LORI ANDERSON: Live stream on youtube about the arresthttps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=54lfwFDTgtU

PODCASTS BY EMRY:https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCOxtWS66Fhx57SXseZG5aEg

INMATE INFORMATION:http://www.deschutescountyjail.org/Inma…/DCJ_inmatelist.html


Oregon Standoff TVOI Indie Journalist Jailed With Other Patriots

Facebook Censorship Whistleblowers Come Forward En Masse Affidavit

Facebook Censorship Whistleblowers Come Forward En Masse Affidavit


AVNetnews testifies under penalty of perjury the following is true and correct.



Published on May 10, 2016

Sub for more: http://nnn.is/the_new_media | Michael Nunez for Gizmodo reports what we all suspected that according to Former Facebook Workers, who are blowing the whistle, Facebook Routinely Suppressed news stories of interest to conservative readers from the social network’s influential “trending” news section.

See the report here:
Read more:

AVNetnews testifies of personal knowledge the truthfulness of the Facebook censorship revealed by the recent disclosures of censorship by the whistleblower at the above or more Youtube video at the above link.  The modus operandi of the evildoers blatantly violates our First Amendment protections to Freedom of Speech. See also http://www.GotConstitutionalRights.com

The disclosure at the above Youtube video corroborates with hundreds of hours of this IT professional, web developer, marketing independent of hundreds of press releases, web sites, Facebook accounts and Youtube videos are routinely censored sometimes daily or even weeks on end.

Examples of this independent conservative censorship modus operandi include numerous independent journalists associated with the Oregon protests and Lavoy Finicum murder.  Those independent journalists have exposed BLM land grabs, physical beatings, threats of violence and systematic civil forfeiture or illegal seizure of property.

Targeted Independent Journalists, some may or may not be in jail, this list is not nearly exhaustive, there are hundreds more lesser known jailed in Washington, Oregon, Nevada, Montana, Utah, New Mexico and elsewhere:

  1. Michael Emery TVOI News – Jailed
  2. Act of Courage
  3. Why Dads Matter.
  4. Lawless America – Jailed
  5. BPEarthWatch
  6. Pete Santillli – Jailed
  7. Dinesh Souza – Jailed
  8. Ammon Bundy – Jailed
  9. Ryan Bundy – Jailed
  10. Duane Hammond – Jailed
  11. Steve Hammond – Jailed
  12. Raquel Okyay – censored
  13. TVOI News – heavily censored by Facebook, Youtube, Website shut down
  14. AVNetnews.net – email hacked, blacklisted, website traffic throttled, multiple videos censored.
  15. ReGenesisRadio.com – email hacked, blacklisted, website traffic throttled.
Facebook Censorship Whistleblowers Come Forward En Masse Affidavit



Pastors Call Political Action April 30 Town Meeting Miami, FL

Press Release

Pastors Call Political Action April 30 Town Meeting Miami, FL

By Cyrus King


REGENESISRADIO – A group of 50 to 100 or more Miami pastors plan to meet to discuss “Getting Christians Involved in Politics”.  President of A.M.O.E – Association of Ministers and Evangelical Servants, author, speaker and activist set this meeting in the Hilton Hotel …NOT!!! Just kidding folks these are boots on the ground, roll up your sleeves and show your faith by your works type of folks, not the “be warm and filled” type of lapdog variety, which sleep through the holocaust happening in our families and government, spiraling into the fiery abyss of endless corruption, without constraint or conscience.

  • Who: A.M.O.E – Association of Ministers and Evangelical Servants

Juan Barek –       As President of the A.M.O.E  is passionate about getting believers involved in politics.

Authored The Book:           “Christians in Politics” , Releaseit in 2002.

  • Topic: Topic: Getting Christian Community in Politics,

  • Where: Miami Rescue Mission

2020 NW First Ave

Miami, FL 33127

  • When:  April 30, 2016

  • Time:     9:30 AM

  • Guest Speaker: Dr. Mario Jimenez M.D. B.S.E.E,

Pastors Call Political Action April 30 Town Meeting Miami, FL
When voting from now on, restore the checks and balances of our nation. Mario Jimenez, M.D., “Soul of a child, heart of a Lion.”

Dr. Mario Jimenez M.D. B.S.E.E, Patriot, former Olympian Bronze Medalist Boxing, descendant of Juan Perez Nicaragua, Florida State Senate candidate District 40.

See http://www.VoteMario.us .
  • Get involved! The error to resign ourselve as We the People to delegate the exercise of our inalienable rights to an aristocrat, professional politician until the next election. We are the government! It is We the People!
  • Get involved! Sign up on our newsletter to get involved http://www.Votefamily.us .
  • Contact: ReGenesisRadio or VoteMario for further questions and arrange speaking engagements.
Pastors Call Political Action April 30 Town Meeting Miami, FL
Public Assembly Call to Action

If not us, who?

If not now, when?

Sponsored by:
Pastors Call Political Action April 30 Town Meeting Miami, FL

Feasts Passover, Pesach

Feasts Passover, Pesach
Feasts Passover, Pesach

When is Passover 2016 – 2017?

The holiday of Pesach, or Passover, falls on the Hebrew calendar dates ofNissan 15-22. Here are coinciding secular dates for the upcoming years:

2016:   April 22-30

2017:   April 10-18

Note: The Jewish calendar date begins at sundown of the night beforehand. Thus all holiday observances begin at sundown on the secular dates listed, with the following day being the first full day of the holiday. (Thus, the first Passover seder is held on the evening of the first date listed.) Jewish calendar dates conclude at nightfall.

The first two days of Passover (from sundown of the first date listed, until nightfall two days later) are full-fledged, no-work-allowed holiday days. The subsequent four days are Chol Hamoed, when work is allowed, albeit with restrictions. Chol Hamoed is followed by another two full holiday days.

This is not a burdensome rule, but Yahweh’s time He has set aside to meet with us [and party] at His “Appointed Time”.  Yahweh has put us on His Daytimer for this appointment so prepare and DON’T BE LATE!

A great site for more info: http://www.chabad.org/holidays/passover/pesach_cdo/aid/671901/jewish/When-is-Passover-in-2016-and-2017.htm



The feasts of the Lord or “the LORD’S appointed times” (Leviticus 23:2) refer primarily to the seven holy convocations divinely instituted in Israel’s annual religious calendar (Leviticus 23:1-44). These consist of a day or season of joyous celebration for God’s redemptive and beneficent provision for His covenant people Israel. The first three feasts (Passover, Unleavened Bread, and First Fruits) occur during Nisan (March-April), the first month of the Jewish religious calendar. The last three feasts (Trumpets, Day of Atonement, and Tabernacles) take place in Tishri (September-October), the seventh month of their religious calendar. The Feast of Weeks (i.e., Pentecost) occurs 50 days after the offering of the first fruits (i.e., between the first and last threesome of annual feasts). All males were required to attend three of the annual feasts: Feast of Unleavened Bread, Feast of Weeks, and Feast of Booths (Deuteronomy 16:16). The sabbath was also regarded as a feast day of “complete rest” (Leviticus 23:3). It was to be a delightful, honorable, and holy day of the Lord (Isaiah 58:13) that ideally furnished opportunity to do good (Matthew 12:12) (see also SABBATH). The Feast of Purim was instituted by Mordecai during the reign of Ahasuerus (Esther 9:20-32). It is celebrated in February or March to commemorate the divine deliverance of the Jews from the plot of Haman. The Feast of Dedication or Feast of Lights (i.e., Hanukkah) is an extra-biblical Jewish festival held in December to celebrate the rededication of the Jerusalem temple after the Jews’ victory in 165 B.C. over the Syrians who had defiled it (John 10:22).

collective names of

appointed times

Leviticus 23:4; Numbers 12:3; 29:39

holy convocations

Leviticus 23:4

appointed feast(s)

Numbers 10:10; Isaiah 1:14; Lamentations 2:6 (cf. Ezekiel 36:38; 46:9)

fixed festivals

1 Chronicles 23:31; Ezra 3:5

the three annual feasts

2 Chronicles 8:13


celebration and regulations of

Exodus 12; 34:25; Leviticus 23:4; Numbers 9:2-14; 28:16; 33:3; Deuteronomy 16:1-8; Joshua 5:10-11; 2 Kings 23:21-23; 2 Chronicles 30:1-5, 13-22; 35:1-19; Ezra 6:19-21; Ezekiel 45:21-25; Matthew 26:2; Mark 14:1-2, 12-25; John 6:4; 11:55; 12:1; 18:28, 39; 19:14; Acts 12:3-4; Hebrews 11:28

purpose of

Exodus 12; 1 Corinthians 5:7 (cf. John 1:29); 1 Peter 1:19; Revelation 5:6, 12

Unleavened Bread

12:1; 13:3-10; 23:15; 34:18; Leviticus 23:6-8; Numbers 9:11; 28:17-25; Deuteronomy 16:3-8, 16; Joshua 5:11; 2 Chronicles 8:13; 30:13-27; 35:17; Ezra 6:22; Ezekiel 45:21-25; Mark 14:1-2, 12; Acts 12:3-4; 20:6; 1 Corinthians 5:8

First Fruits

Leviticus 23:10-14 (cf. Romans 8:23); 1 Corinthians 15:20, 23; 16; James 1:18; Revelation 14:4

Pentecost (also called Feast of Weeks or Harvest of the First Fruits)

23; 34:22; 23:15; Numbers 28:26-31; 12, 16; 2 Chronicles 8:13; Acts 2:1; 20:16; 1 Corinthians 16:8


Leviticus 23:2; Numbers 29:1-6; Nehemiah 8:2, 9-12

Day of Atonement

Exodus 30:10; 16; 23:26-32; 25:9; Numbers 29:7-11; Hebrews 9:7

Tabernacles or Ingathering

Exodus 23:16; 34:22; Leviticus 23:3; Numbers 29:12-40; Deuteronomy 16:13-16; 31:10-13; 2 Chronicles 8:13; Ezra 3:4; Nehemiah 8:13-18; Zechariah 14:16-19; John 7:2 (cf. Matthew 17:4)

features of


Exodus 12:1-3; 23:14-17; 34:23; Deuteronomy 16:16; 1 Samuel 1:3, 9; Matthew 26:17-20; Luke 2:41-42; John 2:13, 23; 4:45; 5:1; 7:1-53; 10:22; 12:20; 13:1-30; Acts 2:1; 20:6, 16

offering of sacrifices

Exodus 12; Leviticus 17:11; 9; 5:1, 20

ethical response

Exodus 13:9; 23; Nehemiah 8:2, 9-12



divine protection

Exodus 34:24

relationship to the Sabbath

39; Numbers 28:18-25; 29:12, 35

time of rejoicing

Leviticus 23:40; Deuteronomy 16:10-14; 2 Chronicles 30:21-26; Ezra 6:22; 9-12, 17; Isaiah 30:29

in the millennial temple


hypocritical observance of

20 (cf. Nahum 1:15)

, Holy Bible, New American Standard, (La Habra, CA: The Lockman Foundation, 1995), WORDsearch CROSS e-book, Under: “FEASTS

Feasts Passover, Pesach, http://www.ReGenesisRadio.com, Hebrew Roots
Feasts Passover, Pesach
Feasts Passover, Pesach

04-09-2016 OregonStandoff Racketeering Organized Conspiracy

04-09-2016 OregonStandoff Racketeering Organized Conspiracy


from Joaquin DeMoreta

04-09-2016 OregonStandoff Racketeering Organized Conspiracy – CALL TO ACTION

“People who’d never think about working together” Like DOI, FWS, BLM, DHS, OSP, Sheriff’s Office, IRS, DOJ, FBI-HRT, Office of the Governor, The White House, worked together in Conspiracy, to steal, to murder “We The People” Patriots:.

  1. Evidence Count # 1. 04-02-2016 Ineffective Assistance Of Counsel.
  2. Evidence Count # 2. 02-12-2016 BLM Fires,
  3. Evidence Count # 3. 03-22-2016 Conspiracy,
  4. Evidence Count # 4. 03-82-2016 BLM Breach Of Contract; Steens Mountain P. A. 2000,
  5. Evidence Count # 5. 02-14-2014 Deny Grazing Permit; Breach Amendment 7,
  6. Evidence Count # 6. 02-14-2014 Deny Grazing Permit; Breach Amendment 5
  7. Evidence Count # 7. 02-14-2014 Deny Grazing Permit; Constitution Art. I[1] Sect. 10,
  8. Evidence Count # 8. 02-14-2014 Deny Grazing Permit; Constitution Art.VI Supremacy,
  9. Evidence Count # 8. 02-14-2014 Deny Grazing Permit; Crime Racketeering,.


We don’t need to wait for the next election to get a course correction on our tyranny.  Opportunities exist for ALL of We the People to get involved NOW!  Find out how you can get involved in your local community, sign up in the Newsletter section, go to http://www.GotConstitutionalrights.com for opportunities in:

  • Media
  • Common Law
  • Common Law Grand Jury
  • Committee of Safety
04-09-2016 OregonStandoff Racketeering Organized Conspiracy

The Big Short – Hollywood’s Scathing Lapdog Press Indictment

ReGenesis Radio Movie Review
– Cyrus King
– April 10, 2016

Five Stars

Hollywood has turned out losers but this is definitely not one of them.  Five stars for this true story about the crash of 2008 is a gross understatement.  This flick should be required viewing for every journalism, ethics, economy and civics class beginning in grade school throughout grad school; five stars for this movie is an understatement.

Any media professional who views this movie and doesn’t get the message in this flick should be fired for gross incompetence; any media professional who doesn’t view this flick should be fired for insubordination; the message here demonstrating Wall Street fraud failures that grew the bubble leading to one of the biggest crashes in economic history is breathtaking.  Producers here hit a home run.

Failures of checks and balances failed at all stages in Wall Streets orgy of greed; like a crack whore abandoning all measures of ethics and self restraint.  Standard & Poors, Morgan Stanley, Bear Sterns and others met their day of reckoning; however, others who could have stopped this runaway train clear abandoned their post, escaping well deserved criminal charges, especially the Wall Street Journal who knew of these conspiracies fueled by the orgy of greed.

A Prophetical Call for Course Correction

This author goes so far as to name this movie as a prophetical call for this nation to wake up, return to methods of ethics at all levels in our society: economy, Wall Street, military, government constitutional due process, Bill of Rights, Right to Life and Religious freedom.  The abandonment of our core values has put one foot over a precipice and the other foot on a banana peel.  The 2008 crash, still fresh in our minds reminds us of lifes lesson’s regardless whether we are atheist or not, life has built in teachers – call it sowing and reaping, yin and yang, reciprocity or whatever there is a price to pay for arrogance and greed.  Thanks to a few like Brad Pitt, this movie spells it out.

The Oregon Standoff, BLM & Government overreach, Benghazi, Email Scandal and U.S Funding ISIS should be red flag warning “bridge out ahead” to our so called “leaders” steering us headlong over the cliff as though they are driving while blind.

The Big Short – Hollywood’s Scathing Lapdog Press Indictment

Biblical New Year Brings Ominous Sign Shemita Begins Today

  • Cyrus King
  • April 9, 2016 – Nissan 1, 5777.

Exodus 12 details Yahweh’s design for His calendar to Moses.  Fourteen days from today April 9, 2016 – Nissan 1, 5777 arrives Passover; therefore, according to Exodus 12 and bible scholars, today arrives the biblical New Year…a Shemita Year – historical event with ominous signs. Biblical New Year Brings Ominous Sign Shemita Begins Today.

It doesn’t take Sherlock Holmes or Moses for most of us average people to see ominous signs in our economy, military, government and family challenging us to get serious about listening and hearing Yahweh’s course corrections for our personal and national lives.  Our nation appears befuddled regarding any coherent direction for us We the People to navigate; it behooves us to follow the example of our forefathers to humble ourselves before the One True living God – Yahweh.

The Biblical New Year also saw the New Moon last night in it’s welcoming committee.

Biblical New Year Brings Ominous Sign Shemita Begins Today
Biblical New Year Brings Ominous Sign Shemita Begins Today
Four Blood Moons: Leaving Babylon

Shemita Year Now Begins

Rabbi Jonathan Cahn explains the Shemita Year is a season of change… sound familiar? I recall a campaign promise “CHANGE”.  Let’s look at just a few of the “changes” happening:

  1. The U.S dollar is no longer the standard for international currency as of April 12, 2016.
  2. The UNITED STATES OF AMERICA corporate entity expired recently last fall around the Feast of Trumpets.
  3. The Chinese economy based on the gold standard appears to be the new international currency.
  4. The assassination and murders of innocents continue, a few are Justice Antonin Scalia and Lavoy Finnicum,
  5. Our government appears to be hijacked by dark forces, demonstrated by it’s war on children, family, marriage, economy, government and Yahweh Himself,
  6. Our nation and the “west” have welcomed the reconstruction of the temple of Baal in New York and London, one of the most repugnant, murderous religions in history, clearly provoking Yahweh to judgement throughout history. Yahweh has destroyed nations for Baal worship.  During these ominous times, we clearly have leaders who are driving while blind.
  7. Our economy and national debt may well have reached the tipping point where it is so high it can never be repaid; the only alternative is likely a nuclear war; history demonstrates this same modus operandi repeatedly where one nation is heavily in debt to another. Again our leaders are driving while blind while drunk at the wheel. In the humble opinion of this boomer author believer in the Elohim of Abraham, Isaac and Israel, if this nation makes it through the next 9 months without a full tilt world war, it will be only by the providence and deliberate intervention of Yahweh.

It is now time to humble ourselves, listen and do what Yahweh tells us to. Move not the ancient boundaries… like the BLM does in Oregon.

The “Four Blood Moons: Leaving Babylon” by Cyrus King will be offered at a half price discount for downloads with coupon.  Stay tuned to http://www.ReGenesisRadio.com  Cyrus King Publishing for details coming soon.

Be safe.


Biblical New Year Brings Ominous Sign Shemita Begins Today

BLM Crime Breaches Contract 03-28-2016

BLM Crime Breaches Contract 03-28-2016


from Joaquin DeMoreta

03-28-2016 BLM Crime Breach of Contract from Joaquin DeMoreta on Vimeo.

On 10-03-2000 the parties, in one hand the ranchers, in the other hand Department of the Interior, then-Secretary Bruce Babbitt signed a contract that by House Representative Honorable Greg Walden, he really did write the law. BLM breach the law when false and malicious got fencing wrong on the Steens.



BLM Crime Breaches Contract 03-28-2016 BLM Land Grab
BLM Crime Breaches Contract 03-28-2016
BLM Crime Breaches Contract 03-28-2016

BLM Admits Stealing WWII Vets Land “Aquisition Queen” With Stolen Money

BLM Admits Stealing WWII Vets Land “Aquisition Queen”With Stolen Money

The Following transcript Taken at a BLM Employees Party, the following quote,

BLM Admits Stealing WWII Vets Land “Aquisition Queen”With Stolen Money

BLM Admits Stealing WWII Vets Land “Aquisition Queen”

“I have some amazing news as alex has been telling you a retirement party few

0:05years ago and we have the article upon infowars.com by Don Salazar thats I

0:11think it’s gone gone live now but it’s going to be coming up if it’s not up

0:15there basically what they’re talking about is are celebrating this lady they

0:20 call the acquisition Queen they brag about all the land that she’s taken how

Lavoy Shot in the Back, BLM Admits Stealing WWII Vets Land by "The Aquisition Queen"
Sequence 068 shot in the back

0:25much land she has taken four and I’m not sure if it’s the park service or the BLM

0:30what they all work for the Department of Interior they all work for the federal

0:32government the BLM has different parts of this organization some of them that

0:38confiscate lands on them that supposedly manage land that that’s questionable as

BLM Admits Stealing WWII Vets Land “Aquisition Queen”

0:43we see this but what you need to understand is the attitude of these

0:48bureaucrats you know as I like this I have you ever wondered if there’s any

0:53remorse or any regrets from the people when they throw people out of their

0:57homes and actually when I look at this and the applause and the laughing and

1:03the taunting of private ownership that goes on in this retirement party no they

BLM Admits Stealing WWII Vets Land "Aquisition Queen"
BLM Admits Stealing WWII Vets Land “Aquisition Queen”

1:08don’t as a matter of fact they want more people to take more land because even

1:13though this lady as she was retiring from this one position she was going to

1:17go out to last and park in California and they were talking about how many

1:21acres were on there by the park service and they said in this area there’s

1:26another five acres out of compared to the hundred and six thousand acres that

1:32are there other words there is five one thousandth of a percent private land and

1:40the guy who talks about this as well if I was a private landowner I’d be

1:44concerned about this we’re gonna play you those clips it will make your blood

1:49boil it makes my blood boil.

This is what our government is doing as we’ve seen

1:52many times the people who are fighting this out west the people who have seen

1:57again in in Utah there was a a demonstration held by a county

2:03commissioner that he organizes the park service was going to shut down a trail

2:07that had been open to recreational vehicles

2:09you know a lot of people in the city a lot of people in the suburbs don’t

2:12really understand what’s going on with the ranchers

2:15I wanna have these massive parks and understand that they’re only going to

2:20let you use far less than 1% of this land again looked that up and after

2:26locking down the 1% and so they organized a protest they threw the guy

2:30in jail for 10 days they find him I think it was I can remember trying to go

2:35for memory I think it was a hundred thousand $200,000 fine and put him on

2:40probation because these people did a protest ride down this trail but had

2:45been previously open to the public

2:47they want to shut everything down as I said they want to lock up all the land

2:50and tell you that you can’t have any of it it’s absolutely amazing this is

2:55what’s going on with agenda 21 they call this sustainable development sustainable

3:00development means that 99.9 999 and I’m not exaggerating percent of the land in

3:06this country will be locked up and off limits to you and you will be crammed

3:11into some congested cities that you can’t even imagine what it’s gonna be

3:15like living in them with one two hundred square foot apartments that’s their plan

3:20for the future as we have to understand where they’re going

3:24first of all if we’re going to stop it and as alex is pointing out I i think

3:28that the bundy’s have done a great job when they were there with their property

3:33with their neighbors standing against fast of their rights that they possessed

3:38as property those grazing rights are rights in and of themselves those are

3:42things that they had they had done developments to that without water

3:45rights as well as grazing rights they had developed water features the

3:50building was going in destroying those confiscating their cattle literally not

3:55trying to manage the area and that was that was climbing bundy’s point that’s

4:00when he stopped paying the fees and protest and that’s legitimate they know

4:04what I call him a welfare King rancher ok that’s not what was going on these

4:10people are the acquisition Queens the best people as one of them says where

4:15the bad guys we come in and we take this land also bragged about how they steal

4:20our minds are going to play that now let’s get to this

4:23clip of the BLM staff this is coming from a lady Serena Catania i think is

4:29the way to pronounce her name she has a sustaining America channel we were set

4:33this clip a couple different people sent this to us I want to try to get her on

4:37she’s got a website sustaining America dot com talked to her a little bit more

4:41about the background of this and of course if you go to her YouTube channel

4:44go to her website you’ll see some other very heartbreaking videos about people

4:51who built their dream home

4:54wanted to retire close to a natural a national park and the National Park

4:59comes in and takes their land and this one video that she has a lady says they

5:04had just built their dream home they were working on this and and they were

5:10going to confiscate all of it she asked what are you going to do with the home I

5:13said well you know some of the nicer ones like years we won’t tear down will

5:18have park employees movement of them was like oh okay so it’s okay for the

5:24government bureaucrats to live in these homes is not an impact on the

5:28sustainability of the environment if a park employee or a federal employee

5:33steals this from you and lives in it but you can’t stay there that’s that’s

5:39reality that we live with ok let me play this clip for real quickly give you a

5:43taste of this year from the washington

5:48the letter to Mary is thank you for all of your support and Mary as they have

5:58supported plans because the bad guy come in and we take this

6:06and we always take it for less than yeah yeah

6:17need more people to take land for less than it’s worth they’re the bad guys

6:21they’re bragging about it yeah they come in they take this land they always take

6:25it for less than its worth so here’s an example from the same lady at the same

6:28party and they’re going to brag about the fact that there was a mine that they

6:32wanted to take they said they made his forty million dollars eventually get it

6:36for two and a half million dollars ok so maybe about five percent of the real

6:41value of the property and she brags about the fact she took it from too

6:45little old guys that were in world war two absolutely merciless that was played

6:51a clip be back to law and

7:00dick I want to acquire this month so we have this meeting and after Harry Reid

7:11deal with ya forty million from Dec lanes and I knew how much money is in

7:24the bank I forget how long it took us to inquire and the owners were to go with

7:40inauguration in the hoarding yeah so they’re all guys I swear it was rocked

7:51my hand turns going like this we know what to do we call everybody in the

7:56country nobody knew what to do nobody wanted to touch it anyway

8:01raised and we did for 2.5 million which I stole money from Washington stole

8:09money from Washington and she got it for a 2.5 million will but just a little

8:14over five percent of what they had a praised it as yeah you’re the bad guys

8:18you come in and you take our land

8:21and you take it for less than it’s worth that’s the reality of it let’s play this,


BLM Admits Stealing WWII Vets Land “Aquisition Queen”

8:25next clip this is where they refer to her as the acquisition queen and this is

8:30the celebration again of this lady who’s retiring from working at the Mojave

8:34preserve the going to talk about how much land this acquisition Queen has

8:39stolen and then they’re going to look forward to what she’s going to do after

8:43next position in California

8:56to do this but I guess we’ll go with the big 12 title game

9:04people guess what 2550 Akers lines in that great blog back next play the rest

9:32of this that makes my blood boil and you can hear that is if you own that five

9:46point six six acres would you be sweating right now because you see

9:50they’ve already gotten all but five one-thousandth of a percent of the air

9:56land in that area they wanted all they want it all and you better be sweating

10:01because the federal government is going to steal every last thing you got and

10:07these people are laughing about it there the thieves who work for the federal

10:10government makes my blood boil to see this we’ve got the federal government

10:13and Texas moving the boundaries around the Red River for atlanta people have

10:18had for century telling them that they’re going to steal their land gonna

10:23steal their homes this is land that has been private land has been registered

10:26they’ve been paying taxes on it they’re doing this every where folks you better

10:30wake up they’re gonna take your stuff to whether they’re going to pull you over

10:34the side the road and take care of car because well you know war on drugs I’m

10:39not gonna wait and find you guilty for anything I’m gonna even charge you with

10:43anything I’m just going to charge your car with being maybe an accessory to my

10:47fantasy of being connected and somehow to this illegal unconstitutional war on

10:53drugs I just take your property ok think about this conservatives if a government

10:57can take your land they can take your car they can take your plane that can

11:00take anything cuz you

11:01you don’t have any rights and all these people who want to support this because

11:06they hate drugs all these people want to support it on the left because they hate

11:10guns understand the whole that you’re digging yourself into their gonna set

11:15aside that hole and put a gun in your head that’s what this is all about folks

11:18want to give them these kinds of unconstitutional powers that they don’t

11:22have conservatives do you understand that this is a UN Agenda this war on

11:27drugs do you understand that has been totally ineffective except to take your

11:31rights and your property.


BLM Admits Stealing WWII Vets Land by “The Aquisition Queen”
BLM Admits Stealing WWII Vets Land "Aquisition Queen"
BLM Admits Stealing WWII Vets Land “Aquisition Queen”
BLM Admits Stealing WWII Vets Land “Aquisition Queen”

Censored Press Conference FBI OSP Lavoy Oregon


Call Deschutes County Sheriff L. Shane Nelson at 541-388-6655 to Demand  Uncensored Press Conference, Shall Be Open to Alternative and Independent Media.

Judge Darby forwards this audio released about a censored, limited, by invitation only press conference to release the results of the investigation into the murder of Lavoy Finicum.  This censored Press Conference FBI OSP Lavoy Oregon excludes independent media.

Please Note the Following Modus Operandi:

  • Only several days ago another FBI Political purge included the arrest of approximately 19 Hammond Ranch, Bundy Ranch, Protesters and supports.  You are now defined as a “terrorist” if you protest government policies.
  • No identities of Agents or Shooters have been released as required by Federal Freedom of Information Act
  • No photos of the Bundy Vehicles are released as required by FOIA
  • Bundy’s, Hammonds, Santili and Other Patriots Are Denied Bail, still sitting in Multnomah County Jail; Kangaroo court says “innocent until proven guilty”.
  • Call Deschutes County Sheriff L. Shane Nelson at 541-388-6655 to demand the press conference be open to alternative and independent media.
  • After this modus operandi above they now further violate our 1st Amendment Freedom of the Press with this heavily censored press conference.

DEMAND A STOP to 1st Amendment Free Press Media Censorship!

Censored Press Conference FBI OSP Lavoy Oregon